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Old Photos of Japan
shows photos of Japan between the 1860s and 1930s. In 1854, Japan opened its doors to the outside world for the first time in more than 200 years. It set in motion a truly astounding transformation. As fate would have it, photography had just been invented. As the old country vanished and a new one was born, daring photographers took photos. Discover what life was like with their rare and precious photographs of old Japan.

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  • Henk (Koganei)

    Goodmorning, I Have bought Some times ago a lot of Japanse photo,s. Is it normal that The …

  • Kjeld Duits (Bronze Ware Craftsmen)

    @Kathy Morris: Thanks, Kathy. Fixed the text.

  • 写真のバフ (Bronze Ware Craftsmen)

    Nice work. FYI- there are actually four people in this image.

  • Kjeld Duits (兵庫区)

    竹村様 神戸中央図書館にたくさん古地図がございます。オススメです!

  • 竹村 洋子 (兵庫区)

    昭和12年の兵庫区の古地図、もう少し広い範囲でみることはできないでしょうか。 母方の実家や本家を探し続けています。自分のもう半分のルーツ探しです。 1921年生まれの母は 昨年亡くなりましたが、実家が中道通2丁目 本家が古沢町です。100年くらい前の話です。 祖父が、昭和初期に中道通にカステラ製造販売を始めた写真があります。祖父が若くして亡くなったので製造を続けることができず母も他家へ養女に行ったため先祖のことを知りたく色々探していました。せめて古地図に母の生家を見出したいと奔走しています。

1870s • Basket Craftsman

Basket Maker

A studio portrait of a young basket maker wearing a head band using bamboo to weave a basket. All around him are his bamboo products, which include draining baskets (笊, zaru), winnowing baskets (箕, mi), and noodle-draining baskets (饂飩打ち上げ篭, udon uchiage kago).

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1890s • Broom Vendor

Broom Vendor

A street vendor carrying brooms (箒) balanced on a carrying pole. To protect himself from the elements, he is wearing a broad bamboo hat, known as a bachoukasa (バッチョウ笠). Vendors like him used special calls to make potential customers aware of their arrival.

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Tokyo 1890s • Nihonbashi Fishmarket

100908-0008 - Tokyo Nihonbashi Fish Market

Boats are docked at the fish market in Tokyo’s Nihonbashi district. If you’d ask someone in Tokyo about this spot now, they will most probably call it a staid business area. This is where the Bank of Japan and the Tokyo Stock Exchange are located. Many financial companies have their headquarters here. Even the department stores in this area—Mitsukoshi and Takashimaya—are seen as a bit conservative. Yet, until 1923, Nihonbashi housed a colorful and busy fish market, right next to the famous Nihonbashi Bridge.

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Shikoku, 1880s • Kotohira-gu Shrine

Kotohira-gu, Kagawa Prefecture
Kotohira-gu, Kagawa Prefecture
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A very rare photo of Kotohira-gu, a Shinto shrine popularly known as Konpira-san, in Kotohira, Kagawa Prefecture on the island of Shikoku, popularly known as Konpira-san. Few foreign visitors made it to Shikoku during the late 19th century. As tinted photographs were usually produced for and purchased by foreign visitors, it is quite special that such an image exists of this location. Amazingly, the main shrine building seen on this image—built in 1877 (Meiji 10)—looks virtually exactly the same today. This is one of those relatively few places left in Japan where you can truly jump back into time.

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